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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Marriage is a thing

So Hye! It's been a while. I just don't have the will to post anything. I am not busy but pretty much occupied with some personal stuff, family and of course enthusiastically spending precious time with friends/ bestfriends. If I have to put some pictures here, i would definitely give a big No. There are so many pictures that even me myself couldn’t have much time to look at those pictures. Now you can imagine how occupied my life has been for the past few weeks.

Apart from that, school has started. My final year, wehooo!. I will try to regularly update you guys with my undergrade life,InsyaAllah. Looking at my drafts just now, I haven’t published most of them. I did write something but it will end up stuck in the middle and I rather secured in the draft than published it as a post. Such a waste of time isn’t it?. But who cares. Haha.

To share soemthing with you, I think this is among the thing that keep lingering in my mind. What more you can expect when girls unite themselves together. Marriage is one the 'hot' topic that is currently being debated all over world. Haha. *exaggerate*. I asked one of my friends (‘cinta’ bukan nama sebenar), if I be the first person among us to get married can I ask her a favor. I would seek her generous heart to sponsor my wedding in terms of bla bla bla and so forth. Immediately, they burst into laughed and the funny thing was the rest even spontaneously came out with their own ‘rules’ and ‘favor’.

“Aku nak kau sponsor pelamin” –said A.

“Aku nak kau bagi hadiah rumah,kereta ke” – said B

“ Aku nak kau sponsor doorgift je”- said C

And the discussion went on and on until cinta had enough of our crazy and wild favors. Cinta is the one who always dream high and always has strong believe that she can a billionaire one fine day. (Amin Amin Amin). Therefore, we always look up on her so that one day she will fulfill our dream. Very unfortunate, suddenly as we busy arguing about the present we want for our wedding then cinta finally put a dot to this conversation.

“ Yang korang duk mintak aku macam-macam ni, aku pelik. Suami korang nanti kerja apa? ”

there you go,


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aimi said...

hahaha.. hilarious moment..aimi ihsan also was there..