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Sunday, January 30, 2011

#1 Aizat Live in Damansara

Last night was awesome. 2 hours worth standing. Showcase went well. Love every single minutes. Aizat was super amazing!!. And friendly too. I heart you Aizat Amdan. :)

Guess who i met last night?

More to come..

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Note for You: FRIENDS

“Masa dekat university, zaman paling best dalam hidup” (classteacher,2004)

Some may agree while some may give an objection. Neither is wrong. It depends. How you value or treasure your campus life will determine which direction you are in. I closed my secondary books back in year 2005. It’s been almost 5 years I’ve been struggling to finish all the required books I am currently reading right now. If everything goes in track, 2012 will be the final one,InshaAllah.

I used to really hate my campus life since I moved to this so-called winter land in 2008. Among all the delight, there is actually no joy of being a degree student when I first stood up in the university. Hardly ever to see me during weekends, where I prefer to go back home if the condition at the moment pushing me to do so. No any single tiny regrets for me though I have to spent hours and hours on road. The feeling when you reached home is something beyond words. All the lovely people welcomed you with a big smile on their face. That feeling is the true meaning of serenity.

Afterall, Allah plans everything to be in order. He knows what is best for his creature. Though I used to hate the early phase of my degree study, Alhamdulillah I am able to tolerate with this kinda situation. Slowly moving, I’ve grown up. I am now honored to be in this place. He tested me in the beginning and yet he leisurely purified the gloomy years. At least, when people ask  hows university life treating me, I have an answer or maybe answers to give out.

There are always reasons to smile. What matters is, you have to seek for it. You can’t just sit and stand still waiting for a miracle to come. I can promise you,  you couldn't experience the blissful moment of smiling by not having effort onto realizing it. I am very grateful and thankful indeed, for those who had made my 22 years of life has been the meaningful one to me. You are the reason why I always have the smile on my face. Thank you so much, FRIENDS and REALIFEFRIENDS. I can’t imagine life without you guys.

One day, we might be apart from each other but remember, wherever we go the strength of friendship will not fade away as long as we sincere to each other and realize how important everyone of us to our dictionary of life.

I've come to realized,you don't necessarily have to be the most popular person around,as long as you are surrounded by those who love and accept you the way you are. 

yours truly,
nany mho

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quotes #1

"Kita perlu belajar memahami ilmu,
bukan hanya menjadi orang yang berilmu" 

-  quoted from someone who indisputably deserved my respect.

Semoga kita semua diberkati Allah. Ameen.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's all about birthday

This entry is gonna be full loaded with pictures. 

I went to this nice place last 2 years which was in May 2009. It was a sudden rush as i was there to so-called celebrate a friend birthday. It's nick's birthday. Since at that time we were on vacation so Alyn and Dart weren't able to be part of the history. Ayul introduced Lookout Point to me. It was a very nice place as you can see beautiful view of Kuala Lumpur esp at night. There are few restaurants here. More than four surely. On my first visit,i went to idontrememberwhatsthename. If not mistaken it was Lookout Point Western Food. I love their services, as we got an 'extra' one because we have birthday boy with us.The Chef, he himself straight away from the kitchen serve the meal to the bday boy. With an extra plate,nicely decorated with fruits as the bday gift for the bday boy.

Nick and Nana with cupcakes and 'extra plate' am talking abt.

My 2nd visit to Lookout Point was last Saturday. This time i went to another restaurant with by schoolmates and bestfriends. We've been planning to come here since last year and this time only we got the chance. Thanks to my pretty Zafirah for the guide and Izral for his nothelping Gps. Oh,another one.Kena panjat tangga yang sumpah aku pancit gila nak naik.Last time,dapat parking dekat atas. Erm its okay. We enjoyed ourselves sangat2 masa naik tangga.Sebab dapat perangsang. ^-^ 

Okay.Selepas berpancit menaiki tannga and taadaa Here we are!. Panorama Restaurant.

Birthday Boy. Happy 23rd!!* Ape perasaan eh 8 orang gadis-gadis celebrate bday anda?*
Siap ade music lagu Happy Birthday lagi. And lampu pun tutup masa the waiter or person in charge bawak cake to bday boy. Nice place to have unformal bday celebration.

Oh,sebab terlalu excited nak bergambar dekat one  port ni dan asyik leka berposing sini.Dengan tanpa segan silunya amoi-amoi ni meminta saya menjadi photographer sambilan. Tapi tak dapat upah. 

 In the middle. My boyfriend. My grilfriend. And also my bestfriend. She is my slil ister. My num one accompany wherever i go. 

Sapa rasa-rasa tak pernah tengok view Kl,Nah.

Yeay. See u again sometime!

So,if you think of a place for a birthday dinner,have a visit here then.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Jangan sesekali dgn yakinnya DELETE semua gambar atau video dlm memory card TANPA save a copy dlm laptop,pendrive,hardisk,pc,computer,handphone atau yang seangkatan. Bila 'ter'delete and you have no backup or at least a copy, kau akan rasa nak NAGIS!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bye Bye Iker Casillas

Timeline aku di twitter laju dan penuh dan turut mengalir sederas-derasnya malam kemenangan hari tu. Paling hot mestilah #KhairulFahmi. Jangan salahkan gadis-gadis yang tak pernah tengok bola dan secara tiba-tiba nafsu teringin datang nak belajar apa itu bola sepak. Dah nama pun perempuan,mata mestilah menyengit sedikit dekat player. Ini typical ok. Lelaki pun suka tengok perempuan cantik. Fakta. Tengok sahaja cameraman fokus siapa masa 2nd match dekat Indon tu. Manohara,Luna Maya. Amboi amboi. Taste tinggi melampau. Ape ingat gadis Malaysia tak hot kau taknak fokus kasi keluar tv?. Gadis Malaysia lagi smoking hot in their own way.

Jadi, tolong jangan persoalkan kenapa ada beberapa kerat perempuan tengok bola sebab nak tengok 'player' dan bukan game. Tapi aku tengok game tau. Betul. Tak tipu. Aku tengok player hanya bila melibatkan individu dan pasukan tertentu je esp Miroslav Klose. Bukti?. Soon. Upcoming post.

Gadis-gadis. Sudah-sudah la tu. Jangan duk terjah dia je . Live traffic terus hits mendadak. Somehow aku rasa dia dah hilang privacy. Satu pelusuk Malaya duk cakap pasai mamat mata sepet dia ni. Aku join masa awal-awal hot debate dulu jelah. Disebabkan si sepet dah ade orang yang bakal jaga makan minum, jadi aku rasa yang memendam perasaan dalam-dalam tu sebaiknya keluarkan balik perasaan tu. Support him because he is our goalkeeper not as he is Khairul Fahmi. Thats even much better i think.

Bila dah menang, baru semua orang nak buka mata. Biasalah tu kan. Jangan bila tiba saat kecundang nanti, semua orang maki hamun pulak. Sentiasa support each other tak kira menang atau tewas. Biar kita menang semangat dan jati diri dan bukan tewas sebelum bertanding.

Dan aku rasa Iker Casillas dan Petr Cech bakal sedikit sebanyak akan tergugat bilangan fans perempuannya. Lets just wait and see. Peace.:)


KhairulFahmi membuktikan betapa ketinggian tidak harus menjadi ukuran untuk bejaya. Berbekalkan semangat juang yang tinggi dan tak kenal erti putus asa, everything is possible.
*ditujukan untuk diri sendiri supaya lebih semangat*

Oh, Selamat Tahun Baru!