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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


It was in 1999  i guess, or maybe 2000. When i was 11/12 years old, i still remember this one story no one else would ever know unless if i accidentally spoiled the news to you.  Definitely, i told my very close friends about this and all them burst into laughed. I don’t think it was a funny joke or something, but even me myself can’t stop smiling whenever i think of it over and over again. Silly me, poor me. Still, it was the best childhood memories i’ve ever had.
Seriously, i can’t remember the exact day, but i strongly believe it was on weekdays. Masa tu, this phenomena telah melanda seluruh pelusuk negara especially to all kanak-kanak or remaja perempuan. Just name it, semua orang sure akan kenal punya la, i bet. Beside my all time favourite Siti Nurhaliza, this boy band pun tgh meletup-letup letup letup. Tak kisah la suara sengau ke, nama pelik ke but mmg tengah 'havoc' gila this band mase tu.

This one day, saya dapat tau yang this band ade showcase dkt one mall ni. Ape lagi, mengelupur excited ok pergi nak tgk. Just imagine, at the age of 11/12! Sungguh budak-budak. So yea,i went for the showcase. Masa tu,kecil lagi. The only transport yang ada adalah basikal. BASIKAL. Obviously, kalau mintak parents hantar memang tak mungkin. Jadi, i went to the mall by bicycle. Gigih tak gigih?. Adalah dalam 20 minutes jugak nak sampai sana. Phew!. Sekarang nak jalan kaki pergi kelas pun tak sanggup. For the sake of Tomok and 'Sejarah Mungkin Berulang' terik panas, penat lelah mengayuh ku redahi demi New Boyz. And aku dapat port paling depan stage. Lagi mengelupur menjerit tengok Tomok. Haha. Sumpah lawak. But diorang tak lame atas stage sebab kena baling telur dari 2nd floor. Ini memang kisah tak boleh lupa sampai bila-bila.( Hikayat seribu satu kisah nak certia dekat anak cucu.:)

Ini kisah 11 tahun lepas, sekarang dah 2011. Beberapa minggu lepas insan ni pun dah kawin. Syahdu pun ade. Haha. What a small world, my primary schoolmates pun now in a relationship with Tomok's bro. So yeah, mmg i dapat live update pasal die. 

I had the opportunity to really met Tomok in person last year. Both event under en.artis. First, outing bowling and second mase event bukak puasa collaboration dengan en.artis. A very humble and nice guy. :)

                                 Thanks for the childhood memories.:)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Keep living

# Using no way as a way. Using no limitations as limitation.
# Without fantasy, reality has no companion.
# Somethings begin with an open imagination creates opportunities.
# There's only two frames on mind: Love and Fear.
# Confusion is just an illusion for when you are not ready to step up and face reality.
# Not the measure of words is necessary, but their meaning. 
# You have to live for today, not yesterday, or tomorrow. Live for what's right.
# Your ability should be kept like a hidden treasure and must only be revealed when it is necessary.
# Anger is our honest emotions in negative ways when we express our deepest feelings and   biggest fears.
# Motivation is a key that opens many doors and unlocks many keys. 
# Knowledge is Power. Power is Strength. Strength is Survival. Survival is Victory. 
# Haters are just a small bump on our road to success.
# Making mistakes let you know what you did wrong and how to make it right.
# If death is inevitable, then everything in life is temporary.
#There is always a word "if" in each of regret and disappointment.
# Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
# Attitude is everything.

Sometimes, we need motivation to keep living. Visit herehere and here for more inspiring quotes.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

First time

BERSIH 2.0. Jangan mengaku rakyat Malaysia kalau tak tahu ape itu Bersih 2.0. Kalau tak tahu tak apa, tapi kalau tak pernah dengar tu yang tak boleh di maafkan. Honestly, i am not pretty sure what Bersih 2.0 is all about. I just got to know it as i was reading newspaper,on the television and also during conversation with people around me.Much of the publicity  was distributed through online media and blogs. Yea, looks like its been a major issue in the country. People even make jokes about it. Obviously because the word 'Bersih' itself.   I went googling about Bersih just now and see what came up. I am not interested to really find out about Bersih, what my intention was just to get a very brief view about it. To my surprise, i found one link in wiki where i noticed that this Bersih Rally was actually held once, back in November 2007. The aim of this walk was to campaign for electoral reform. I think the aim of this campaign is still the same for the upcoming Bersih 2.0 which gonna happen on 9th July. NEXT WEEK peeps!. Oh if you are wondering what Bersih means,it is actually derived from the name of the organizers, BERSIH (Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections). Who are the organizers?. I bet you Malaysians should've known by now. :)

Ok. Sebenarnya just nak cakap akhirnya aku experience tengok moment gambar di atas secara live,depan mata sendiri. Semalam lepas lunch dkt Delicious, Jln Tun Razak mase keluar je terus nampak kejadian ni berlaku. Masa tu lebih kurang dalam 2.15pm lepas orang habis semayang jumaat. Polis dah ready berkawal dekat dpn US Commercial Service/Us Embassy (tak sure). Tak jauh dari sini aku nampak beberapa kumpulan lelaki siap berserban dan berjubah memegang sepanduk berkumpul di satu sudut jalan. Aku yakin mesti kawalan ni di sebabkan kehadiran mereka-mereka ini.Disebabkan takut, jadi tak lama aku dekat situ. Nak snap gambar pun terketar-ketar tangan.  Satu pengalaman yang memang takkan lupa. Oh ye. Post ni tak berbaur politik ye. Saya tak side mane-mane. Saya tak pergi daftar mengundi lagi pun. Well,tak cukup umur lagi. Peace. :)