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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Alhamdulillah. We are now in 2012! Life has been good so far. Despite the chaotic early days in 2012, i’m still thankful for the opportunity Allah has given me to be able to breathe in this temporary tiny space. It’s been quite a long time since I posted something here. Reason is too occupied with study. *as always* Eh no no definitely no, it’s actually has something to do with my final year project. InsyaAllah, June will be the end of all these suffers. *exaggerate*. Or may be the first phase will end just soon. Hopefully.

I have some free time right now, wanted to blog about so many things. Especially on all the memories in 2011 . The last few months in 2011 were the toughest among all, and I would say the hardest year I’ve been so far. I really want to burst out everything here, but I think it is best to keep it to myself. I am pretty sure If I started to blog about it, tears will simply fall down. To not let you into confusion, I will give a hint or keyword and the rest, you do it yourself. Parents+siblings+family. Or if you are the nicest and caring people on earth, eagerly wanna know, kindly email or just sms if you have my number. Hahaha. Loyal readers please pray for me, pray hard for my family. That would be more than enough to show your concern. Thank you in advance.

Oh before that,I have something really interesting to share. It means a lot to me, but maybe not for some of you. Recently, I had a random conversation with this one madam who is currently doing her Phd. She taught Parasitology when I was in 3rd year study. We're both doing animal study and obviously we met quite often in a week. She is now in the last trimester, 2 months before delivery in April, InsyaAllah. There were few days, she asked for help to give treatment to her mice since she didn’t want any contact with mice that might bring any bad circumstances to her baby. While conducting the treatment, she always had so many interesting stories to be shared from different area either in the field of study itself, current issue, family, personal matters and etc.

What attracted me the most, when she talked about how she met her husband. Their love story just fascinated me. At the beginning, I have no idea how it all started because my first impression on her was she’s like other typical women, been in love with their husband for quite some time before both decided to get married. Err but I was wrong, not even close either!! 

Saya buat Solat Istiqarah. Masa tu saya tak de sape-sape pun. Mungkin sebab saya ni ambitious,jadi saya tak fikir pasal ni. Saya decide nak kahwin sebab masa tu saya nak sambung Phd. Saya cakap dengan diri saya, kalau saya start Phd confirm saya dah tak fikir pasal perkara ni. Saya mungkin berjaya dunia kalau saya dpt sambung dan dapatkn Phd tapi saya fikir sebagai Muslim, saya kena tunaikan juga tanggungjawab sebagai seorang Muslim. Saya kenal diri saya, kalau saya tunggu dan tunggu masa saya buat Phd nanti, memang takkan saya berkahwin. Sebab tu saya buat Solat Istiqarah mintak Allah tunjukkan jodoh saya, dan kalau betul masa tu dah sesuai permudahkan segala urusan kami. Sedangkan pada masa tu, saya takde sape-sape. Takde seorang kawan lelaki pun yang saya rapat. Saya berserah,tawakal semuanya pada Allah.

Masa saya dulu zaman friendster. *kami semua tergelak.haha*. Saya suka tulis cerpen,saya post dkt blog yang mmg dah ade dlm friendster tu jugak. Jadi, friendlist saya semua boleh baca dan komen. Lepas saya buat Solat Istiqarah, dalam seminggu/2 minggu (yang ni I tak brape ingat berapa minggu) ade seorang ni komen dekat blog saya. Orang tu lah yang saya nampak lepas istiqarah saya. Die dah ada dalam friendlist saya masa saya 1st year undergrade lagi tapi saya tak pernah tau. Rupanya,die mmg follow blog saya dan suka baca cerpen-cerpen saya. Dari situ, die dpt kenal personality saya. Masa tu saya duduk rumah sewa area Ukm dan die pulak tgh cuti sebelum masuk semester akhir, tahun akhir dkt Usm Penang. Saya first tengok die face to face, bila die nak hanta nasi ayam (family bisnes hsband) dkt saya. Die dtg rumah sewa saya,die bg dkt pagar je,saya ambil tak cakap apa terus masuk rumah. dan dalam tempoh die cuti yg singkat tu kami kenal dan die pun propose saya. Saya Masa die propose saya, saya tak cakap lagi yang mmg die yg saya nampak dlm istiqarah saya. Saya ckp dkt dia, kenapa nak kahwin dgn saya dan saya cakap saya nak sambung Phd dan nanti saya akan sgt ambitious dgn cita-cita saya. Die cakap die faham sebab die bace dari cerpen-cerpen saya. Jadi,saya suruh die datang meminang. Masa die dan family datang meminang mak saya tak percaya sebab saya tak pernah cerita pasal lelaki or kwn2 lelaki saya. Masa hari husband saya nk dtg meminang, saya ckp dekat may saya : mak,nanti ada orang nak dating meminang,siap2 lah. Mak saya tak percaya,kata saya main-main sampailah husband saya and family sampai,baru dia percaya.

Sekarang kan Nany, setiap hari Jumaat saya dgn husband saya akan lunch 2 orang. Lepas die balik hospital,before solat Jumaat. Kitaorg akan beli nasi ayam dkt satu kedai ni and makan dkt rumah. Macam family day lah tapi takde anak-anak. Anak-anak saya hantar dekat educare. Hihihi.”


P/s: Cerita di dalam " " telah di olah menjadi versi saya untuk di kongsikan kepada anda. :)


sury@Adliah said...

so sweet nani!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

aimi said...

DU'A is the weapon of the believer.. May Allah guided us in choosing our future husband.. tapi sgt sweet k madam :)